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LAOS PDR - Northern Region Development Strategy Operationalization

July 2005 – September 2006

Associated Companies: None

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank

Brief description:

The Northern Region Development Strategy (NRDS) is a set of growth and poverty reduction policies focused on the poor northern region.  The project integrated prioritized NRDS strategies into the national Socio-economic Development Plan 2006-2010 and annual plans, and particularly into the medium term and annual plans and budgets of provincial governments comprising the northern region.  Bokeo province was one of two pilot provinces and considerable attention was given to the economic development opportunities provided by the North-South (Thailand / China) Corridor being facilitated by agreed bridgeworks across the Mekong at Bokeo).  Support was also provided to the Committee for Planning and Investment and Provincial Governments with the introduction of MfDR into the medium term SEDP and annual plans.