Culpin Planning Development and Planning Management
Selected Projects

Jabotabek Metropolitan Development Plan Review

1992/93 - Jakarta and West Java Province, Indonesia

Associated Companies: Huszar Brammah Associates Ltd., LPP- ITB, P.T. Lenggogeni

Funding Agency: Ministry of Public Works - World Bank Loan

Brief Description

Culpin Planning Ltd led this 1994 / 1995 review of the 1981 JABOTABEK Master Plan.  JABOTABEK is the city of Jakarta and its immediate surrounding areas and it will accommodate some 29 million persons by 2010. The review gave emphasis to demographic, economic and environmental issues, and emphasized the operationalization of the final recommendations and proposed strategies.  Through this, the review made a significant contribution to the development of ideas on the management of "mega-cities." Technical innovations of the JABOTABEK review (especially a new system of development potential analysis) were also successfully used in later reviews of other major Indonesian cities.