Culpin Planning Development and Planning Management
Selected Projects

Low Income Housing And Secondary Towns Urban Development Needs Assessment
(ADB TA 3487-VIE)

February 2001 - August 2001, Indonesia

Associate Companies: Gutteridge Haskins and Davey Pty. Ltd (GHD)

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank

Brief Description

This project assessed the need for and feasibility of two possible ADB loan projects – one to support the development of pro-poor housing finance systems and the other to develop infrastructure in secondary towns in the Central Region of the country.  CPL provided the overall Team Leader, with special responsibility for the urban needs assessment.  Both aspects of the TA concluded that loan projects were feasible and the projects were identified to a sufficient level of detail for Government and ADB to agree in principle to the approach.  On the basis of the recommendations PPTA’s were developed and loan preparation advanced.  The urban needs assessment included an overall review of urban investment needs in the Central Region, with the emphasis on drainage, flood control, sanitation, urban roads and solid waste management in selected provincial towns.  Some emphasis was given to infrastructure to promote economic development and tourism in particular.  Longer term investments in smaller district towns were also identified and will be the basis of loan preparation in the longer term.