Culpin Planning Development and Planning Management
Selected Projects

Phnom Penh Urban Poverty Reduction Project, Cambodia (UN-HABITAT / UNDP / DfID)

February 2004 – July 2004

Associated Companies: None

Funding Agency: UN-HABITAT

Brief description:

The project had introduced a number of poverty reduction initiatives into the Municipality and its constituent local governments and an Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy had been produced.  CPL worked with the Governor of Phnom Penh, the Municipality and NGO’s to revise the strategy and to introduce a Phnom Penh Poverty Reduction Action Plan for the balance of the 5-year planning period and to be consistent with the National Poverty Reduction Strategy.   CPL also advised the Governor of Phnom Penh on the formulation of a 5-year Slum Upgrading Strategy which structured the response of the city to the Prime Minister’s request for “100 slums to be upgraded per year.”