Culpin Planning Development and Planning Management
Selected Projects

Neighborhood Upgrading and Shelter Sector Project, Indonesia

October 2002 - May 2004

Associated Companies: CPL was lead consultant. Associated companies include: (i) Development Planning Unit, University College, University of London; (ii) PCI Asia

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank

Brief Description

The objective of the US$ 1million TA was to help the Government identify and prepare a US$126 million ADB loan funded sector Project for local governments to establish shelter planning and provision systems. The Project focused on shelter provision for the poor through a partnership with central Government, civil society and the private sector; and for strengthening the capacity of financial institutions to cater to the financing needs of the poor.  The project covered metro, large and medium urban centers in Indonesia that the Government had identified as priority areas because of their large numbers of urban poor and pressing shelter needs. The TA consisted of three parts: (i) neighborhood upgrading for poor communities; (ii) support to the shelter and housing finance sector; and (iii) strengthening national, regional and local systems for planning, regulation and oversight of shelter and shelter finance.