Culpin Planning Development and Planning Management
Selected Projects

Preparation of a Development Strategy for Central Vietnam

1998/2000 - Hanoi, Central Viet Nam

Associated Companies: Lincoln International Ltd. ANZDEC. IFPRI

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank

Brief Description

CPL povided the Team Leadership, urban and regional development and transportation components of the project. The project formulated a multi-disciplinary strategy to accelerate the development of this economically depressed region of the country. The recommended strategy focused on increasing agricultural productivity with linked development of agro-industry as the main way to start the process of eliminating the overall regional problem of rural poverty.  This project was considered to have been very effective in encouraging the provincial governments to adapt their five year development plans in ways which could lead to increased rural household incomes, increasing rural industrialization. Achievement of this will enable the region to keep pace with the national rate of development.  The private sector was involved in strategy formulation at every opportunity.