Culpin Planning Development and Planning Management

The Company

Since 1968 the company has been working with public and private sector and community stakeholders in a wide range of developing countries. In particular the company has contributed to tackling rapid urban expansion, urban poverty, rural-urban disparity and rural poverty. In meeting these development challenges, the company has given emphasis to the consolidation of decentralized development management processes and institutions.  

The company fully recognizes the essential roles which can be played by the private sector, NGO's and communities in decentralized development planning and management and of the potential for fruitful partnerships between government, private and non-government sectors.  Our interventions in urban, regional and rural development are based on this recognition and are practical, flexible and grounded in local realities.

The company is increasingly contributing to global efforts to enhance aid effectiveness through consolidating Management for Development Results techniques and facilitating the use of new aid modalities.


Culpin Planning Ltd has received a number of awards. Amongst the most notable are those for work in Ismailia, Egypt.  This work recommended and implemented low cost and self-build housing innovations and supporting management and institutional development.  The Ismailia projects have become a point of reference in the Egyptian dialogue on urban development alternatives and have also become the subject of study in a number of international training centers.  The awards for this project include:

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Honorable Mention

National Architecture Awards

The ACI Award for Architectural Innovation
The Royal Australian Institute of Architects

The UN World Habitat Award

Building and Social Housing Foundation
Ismailia Demonstration Projects, Egypt

(All the current company directors were directly involved in the Ismailia work over long periods)